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Summer Courses 2011

This year we have two intensive courses in August: Pre-intermediate - Upper intermediate

August: General English

Would you like to be more confident and improve your capacity to communicate and understand at the same time as increase your vocabulary?

This intensive general English course will help you to be able to manage everyday situations in English for example, ordering in a restaurant, expressing yourself in an airport, etc.  With a communicative and modern methodology you will feel motivated by up-to-date and stimulating contents in a total emersion environment.

This course is aimed at all those people who:
- would like to express their ideas with clarity and confidence particularly in the social field with vocabulary and common expressions in English.
- would like to take the opportunity to dedicate a little more time to developing their English or who don't have the necessary time to study it as part of their daily routine.
- would like to apply their previous knowledge and widen it in a practical and interactive way.

Course Characteristics

A maximum of 8 people
Length of Course: 6 days + arrival night reception and farewell breakfast.
Qualified English teachers experienced in teaching adults whose methods combine a wide variety of resources and learning styles. Furthermore you will always have a tutor on hand to help you.

The course includes:
- Welcome package: Making the most of your stay and the self-study units using the internet'.
- All the didactic material for the classes.
- Free internet access.
- Year's subscription to our web page to continue doing exercises at home.
- Accommodation and full board
- Compete activity programme

Level Test

The individual English level test is free and will serve to identify the level of our students. It is fundamental in order to make the most of the week with us. Download the level test below and send it to info@fullstop.es together with your application form.

Course Structure

4 hours of classes every day plus structured study. Each class will be based on a central theme or functional area..

The course contents include very practical themes such as 'talking about yourself, personal aims, plans and meeting new people, travelling abroad, transport, accommodation, restaurants, shopping' including 'complaining and problem solving', as well as more open themes to promote debate and help you express your opinions in English.

12 one hour and a half classes focussed on the above themes from four main principals: speaking, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary.  Learn strategies and techniques which allow you to take control of the conversation.  Thanks to our communicative teaching method you will gain confidence and your language skills will rapidly improve.

one hour classes where the emphasis will be on how to relate to other speakers whether they are native English speakers or not.

6 structured study sessions in the afternoon. You will use and learn how to use different learning resources such as on-line exercises, specialised books and interactive software.

On the last day of the course there will be a general recap of all week's contents to see just how far you've advanced during the week.

Activity programme

Although studying and improving your English are the main reasons for doing the course we also believe that it's important to relax and enjoy it.

Consequently the course includes a full activity programme where you will be able to relax but keep speaking English, over lunch, in the afternoon /evening.

There is also the possibility to do optional afternoon activities such as golf lessons, with a native instructor, etc.

We have everything you need to help you change chip and make progress in the language!

For more information you can contact us on info@fullstop.es or by phoning 655 626 243. The syllabus and the application form with the prices can be downloaded at the end of this text.

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