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For all your business documents aimed at the international market (contracts, catalogues, correspondence, web pages, etc.).

A precise budget for your needs

To be able to give you an accurate cost estimation and determine the period of time to translate the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Type of document.

  • Document Format.

  • Length of document.

  • Original language of document.

If you would like an estimation for our translation service send us an e-mail, explaining everything you consider necessary and if you can attach the document to be translated or a sample of the type of text which will give us a clear idea of the type of language used: standard, legal, technical, etc.

We will send you a definitive budget and all the details as soon as possible.

We will give you a total cost for the translation project, on the condition that the number of words of the original document can be evaluated. 

If the number of words of the original document can not be evaluated, the price of the translation will be determined by the number of resultant words, that is to say, the number of words contained in the translated document.  The number of words is calculated using tools offered by
 Microsoft Word.

Delivery Date

The normal estimated date for the handing over of the document corresponds to the time that one translator will need, taking into account that a professional translator can translate between 200 - 300 words per hour.  The said translator will get in touch with your business to confirm the deadline according to your needs.

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